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2015 First Luton Town Walking Football Teams

Luton Town Walking Football Club

As stated on our home page, walking football was first introduced by the Chesterfield FC Community Trust programme in 2011 and in 2014, by that famous Barclays Digital eagles ad. It's safe to say that even after this limited exposure, most of us still hadn't got a clue what walking football actually was!

In 2015 Luton Town FC sent out an invite via social media for a walking football event and how they were looking for players 50 years and over to participate. The tournament: the Football League South East regional Walking Football tournament, was being held at venue 360 in Luton and so a group of individuals, most unknown to each other, turned up to take part - thus, the first Luton Town Walking Football Team(s) were formed.

On Friday 19th June 2015. Three Luton Town Walking Football teams, A, B and C competed and made the quarter-finals with 2 of the teams narrowly missing out with defeats in the semis .... the ball was rolling.

With Luton Town's encouragement, long time Luton fan and local team manager Arthur Mason (center, front row of Luton Town group), began organising and moulding this fledgling group into Luton Town Walking Football Club. As player-manager and organiser, he helped enlist new players, create team bonding and got them competing at national level in various cups and leagues. A history of achievements can be viewed on our achievements page.

We currently run competitive men's over 50s and over 60s sides along with our all inclusive non competitive sessions.

Plus since May 2023, we have now achieved our pre COVID plans to launch a LTWFC Ladies, team

We are always looking for new players and are interested in forming an over 70s team should interest manifest itself. Contact us if you're interested or want more info.