BLCF Grant Award

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation award grant to Luton Town Walking Football Club

Luton Town Walking Football Club are delighted to have received grant support from London Luton airport via their community trust fund managed by the Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation (BLCF). Thanks to this grant, we are now able to purchase much needed first aid equipment, including defibrillators, playing strips and fund a community 'have a go' walking football project, designed to help the over 50s get more active, fitter and more engaged in meeting and making new friends.”

This grant, the first ever awarded to the club, will benefit both our ladies and men’s over 50s walking football teams while training and playing competitively.

Walking football provides an amazing opportunity for those of us who used to enjoy playing the game, but who gave up when then rigours of aging bones and increased injury risks made it virtually impossible to continue. This gentler form of the game still provides some of the thrills and enjoyment we used to get but at a more sedate pace.

It provides us with fitness alternatives to boring treadmills, aids cognitive stimulation through in play decision making and benefits overall mental welfare through engagement and communication with like-minded souls.

During 2024 we will bring Walking Football to many areas of Luton's community through the BLCF grant award and convince them that those old football boots stuck at the back of the cupboard may yet have a new lease of life and that exercise after middle age is a great way to improve general health