LTWFC Ladies

Luton Town Walking Football Club Ladies

Luton Town Walking Football Club Ladies

In October 2019 after a return to Luton Town Walking Football Club our then lead manager Arthur Mason (1959 - 2020) welcomed me (David Brown) back and uttered these words: "Know any ladies Dave that fancy playing, we need to get a ladies team together."

Yeah I knew ladies, but none that I could think of that wanted to play football.

"We'd have to sort something next year, Arthur said. Of course the next year 2020, was the year when the earth stood still and became just a little less enjoyable with a virus and Arthur's passing. Since then we've spent time re-building our competitive men's teams and re-establishing our Wednesday eveninig playing sessions.

In 2022 I made an attempt at gathering interest for a ladies team by advertsing on social media. Prerequesites, apart from players, was a coach/manager.... it never happened.

What did happen was that my own sports and fitness coaching business was down sized allowing me more time to try and realise Arthur's aspirations for a Luton Town Walking Football Ladies Team. 

So, after a few teething troubles in May 2023 Luton Town Walking Football Club Ladies has arrived! We have approx 20 ladies registered for our ladies sessions currently run by yours truly - just so we can get things going.

We have an assorted bunch. Some experienced players, some who have played just for enjoyment and others who have never tried Pele's "o jogo bonito" - the beautiful game.

Walking Football gives everyone a way to enjoy and play the game at a leisurely pace providing fun, social engagement and a pathway to firness and health.

In time we're hoping that the ladies can earn their own cup and tournament glory - and if not, it doesn't matter, as long as they are having fun!